We get a lot of questions from couples in regard to their wedding video, posted below are some
Q & A.

Q.) Photographer or Videographer?

A.) Both, if you can afford it. We certainly feel both are as important as each other, however moving pictures and live sound take you right back to that exact moment. Couples that decide on a DVD of there day can relive each moment of the day as it happened in extremely high quality DVD that does not deteriorate like VHS tapes did. We work well with many photographers, but it is important that both give the bride and groom their space on the day. Alot of couples tell us they watch their DVD far more than look through photos.

Q.) Do you charge extra for 2 cameras and 2 operators?

A.) No, we have always used 2 cameras and most often 2 operators as standard, there is a noticeable difference with 1 camera and it is unproffesional, with 2 cameras you can capture much more in real time and much more variety of shots. Reactions from guests etc

Q.) How long does it take to get our final copy?

A.) We like to have it all done within 8-12 weeks, that allows time to capture and edit all the footage and then DVD authoring, designing a unique cover, menu design etc. We work countless hours to get it to you as quickly as possible. During peak times it can take longer.

Q.) Why do you charge so much less than the others?

A.) The Wedding Filmer has always provided affordable video production without compromising quality and to make it flexible by having different packages. Couples have paid fortunes for wedding videos up around $4,500+, which is just crazy!
You already pay for so many other elements to a wedding that some simply don't have one to look back at in years to come because it was so expensive, we want everyone to be able to afford a wedding video to treasure forever.

Q.) Do you make all your presentations the same?

A.) No, some couples may have a theme to their wedding such as 'Dirty Dancing' or 'Grease' so therefore we adjust our styles of DVD to suit. We are flexible, and encourage couples to have something a little different Ask Grant for some ideas. All the artwork is unique for each wedding including the DVD cover and menu screens.

Q.) Shooting at HD, does that mean we can watch it clearly on our plasma/LCD?

A.) We shoot HD, but it will depend what you are going to watch the final video on, DVD or Blue Ray, Blue Ray will keep a higher quality setting than DVD. We can explain further when we meet. We encourage you to put the HD video onto a hardrive.

Q.) Can we get additional copies of our wedding for family?

A.) Yes. We can produce extra copies from as little as $20 each. These are in full colour photographic covers with labelled discs, now everyone can watch the special moments without borrowing yours.

Q.) Do you charge extra for european weddings that have traditions?

A.) Yes, these require alot more filming and editing as there is alot more happening throughout the day and this is time consuming, we can offer to sell the tapes as there can be hours and hours of the same dancing.

Q.) Can we get a HD digital copy of the finished wedding?

A.) Yes, just give us a hard drive or USB with enough storage and we can copy it for FREE

Q.) Would you film a same sex marriage or commitment ceremony?

A.) Absolutely, love has no boundaries and makes no difference whatsoever to the quality of work we do.

Q.) Can we make alterations of music and footage?

A.) We will make minor changes to your final copy after a viewing with you both, it will then be finalised and completed with the requests. Generally, additional charges may incur for further alterations.

Q.) Can we keep the master footage?

A.) The footage shot is copyright of the wedding filmer and unless requested will not be retained, a master copy is burnt for additional copies. A price can be negotiated for rights to the footage and all the tapes used on the day.

Q.) We forgot to put some requests on the contract?

A.) It is vital that you put as much information on the contract as possible, this is to protect us both. On the day itself if there is a request just come up and ask and I'm very obliging, its too late when the day is over to tell me you wanted me to film you giving your mum a present or a dance with aunty mavis.

Q.) Do you film the bridal waltz or a mock waltz?

A.) Depending if the package allows, we film the actual bridal waltz, I can't imagine anything worse than a fake bridal waltz.

Q.) How far do you travel and do you charge extra?

A.) We have travelled as far as Ireland to film a wedding. Outside of Geelong may incur a fuel cost but generally we are fair with regard to that. We would normally say a 70km radius of Geelong before extra costs.

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